Brand Promotional Black/Green Desert Sneakers Wholesale

Product Details:

black desert green sports shoes

A branded masterpiece

We are proud to present you this black desert green outdoor hiking men’s shoes, which combines many practical functions with fashionable design, and is a high-performance footwear for outdoor adventure and daily sports enthusiasts.

Core Features

1. Breathability: this sneaker is made of advanced breathable fabrics to ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable during long hours of wear, and can effectively perspire no matter in spring, summer, fall or winter, preventing discomfort due to moisture buildup.

2. Wear-resistant and durable: the soles are made of high-quality wear-resistant rubber material, which is durable and can easily cope with a variety of complex terrain, including rocks, soil, hard ground, etc., greatly extending the service life of the shoes.

3. Height Increasing Design: Built-in lightweight cushioning midsole not only provides good cushioning effect, but also increases your height moderately, so that you can walk more confidently and upright.

4. Excellent anti-slip: The moderate depth of the sole texture and the scientific distribution of anti-slip texture enhance the grip, providing excellent anti-slip performance in rainy wetlands, snow, plastic floors and even steep mountainous surfaces.

5. Waterproof Technology: Professional waterproof technology is adopted to effectively block the penetration of water, so that your feet can stay dry even in a wet environment, and you can face the rainy season traveling or water activities with ease.

6. Stable Support: The structure of the shoe body combines with ergonomic design to strengthen the arch support system, whether it is a flat floor or rugged mountain trails, it can give your feet full and stable support, reducing the risk of sports injuries.

7. All-round foot protection: Thickened anti-shock toe and heel protection design, effectively absorbing the impact, reducing the possibility of toe injury; at the same time, the height of the upper is moderate, providing intimate protection around the ankle, avoiding sprains and other situations.

black desert green sports shoes

Applicable occasions

This black desert green sneaker is widely used in a variety of outdoor environments, from artificial grass in city parks to rugged trails in mountainous areas, from snowy traverses to hard-packed runs, and even on plastic runways and wet soil areas. It is your ideal partner for outdoor hiking, but also an indispensable professional equipment for mountaineering adventure, whether it is ordinary outdoor recreation, or high-intensity mountaineering challenges, can help you travel all the way without obstacles with excellent performance.


This is not only a pair of outdoor sports shoes, but also an all-weather, all-terrain mobile fortress, with its excellent breathable, wear-resistant, non-slip, waterproof and excellent support and protection performance, to meet the outdoor enthusiasts on the double demand for functionality and comfort, for every adventure escort.