Men’s comfortable cork slippers OEM customized design

Product Overview:

This collection of men’s slippers & sandals is an OEM customized design crafted for you who pursue individuality and comfort. We skillfully blend exquisite craftsmanship and ergonomics in order to provide an unparalleled wearing experience, whether it is for home leisure, beach walking or outdoor activities.

Product Features:

men's comfortable cork slippers

Fine brushed leather

The upper is made of high quality brushed material with a fine texture, which is not only resistant to abrasion and scratches, but also presents a unique sense of low-profile luxury, while ensuring breathability and softness, and adhering to the skin of the foot to ensure dryness and comfort all day long.

Internal and External Supportive Sole

The inner part of the sole is equipped with an ergonomically designed footbed structure, which can effectively distribute the pressure on the ball of the foot and reduce the fatigue caused by walking for a long time; while the outer part is made of high-density abrasion-resistant material, which gives the shoe excellent durability and elasticity and cushioning effect.

High-density wear-resistant sole

The sole is made of high-density material with excellent abrasion-resistant properties, ensuring durability in various environments and maintaining a stable grip even when facing complicated outdoor terrains.

men's comfortable cork slippers

Anti-slip and Height Enhancement Function

The specially designed non-slip pattern makes the shoes stable as a rock on slippery surfaces, and also has a moderate height increase effect, which is both safe and enhances the overall image.

Strong deodorizing technology

Advanced deodorizing technology is integrated into the shoe, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria and eliminating odors, so that you can always keep a fresh and confident step.

Applicable occasions:

For beach vacations, they are the perfect companion for your lightweight travels.
When traveling outdoors, whether camping or hiking, they provide stable support and protection.
When living at home, enjoy the soft touch of bare feet and release the pressure on your feet.
They are not limited to traditional slippers, but also include casual sandals and flip-flops to meet different occasions and matching needs.

men's comfortable cork slippers


This unisex collection of high-quality soft-soled slippers, with its exquisite details, excellent quality and humanized design, perfectly illustrates the concept of wearing comfort and fashion. Whether for personal use or as a gift for friends and relatives, they are the best choice. Let’s measure every inch of life with our feet.