Quality Control

We take the following measures to control the quality problems during the production of shoes:

1. We have reliable suppliers: Our long-term cooperative relationship with manufacturers and suppliers has been established with good reputation and rich experience to ensure the reliability and consistency of product quality.

2. Quality Audit: Before signing a contract with a supplier, we conduct a supplier quality audit, including checking the factory facilities, quality management system, process flow, etc., to ensure that they have a good quality control system.

3. Product sample evaluation: Before mass production, suppliers are required to provide samples for evaluation. Meticulous inspection and testing of samples to ensure that their quality meets standards and requirements.

4. Develop detailed specifications: Define specifications, requirements, test criteria, requirements for quality, etc. with suppliers to ensure that suppliers understand and comply with these specifications.

5. Quality control in the production process: Strengthen the monitoring and control of the production process, ensure that each production link meets quality standards, and find and solve problems in time. This can include process control, raw material inspection, process operation records, sampling and inspection during quality inspection, etc.

6. Conduct site inspections: Conduct site inspections of suppliers’ plants on a regular or random basis to ensure that plant hygiene, equipment operation and worker practices are in compliance with requirements for quality.

7. Establish a quality feedback mechanism: Encourage suppliers and plant employees to provide quality feedback and improvement suggestions, solve potential quality problems in a timely manner, and take measures to prevent recurrence.

8. Product inspection and testing: Before or after mass production, a third-party inspection agency is entrusted to conduct a comprehensive inspection and testing of the product to ensure that the product quality meets the standards and requirements.

9. Establish after-sales service: Provide after-sales service to customers, including quality warranty and return policy, timely handle quality issues and maintain good communication with customers.

10. Establish a supplier performance evaluation system: regularly evaluate supplier performance, and carry out supply chain optimization and improvement measures based on performance results to improve the overall quality management level. Through the above measures, our company can better control the quality problems of shoe production, ensure that product quality meets customer expectations, and enhance corporate reputation and customer satisfaction.

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