Source Factory Cowhide French Retro Soft Sole Women’s Shoes

Product Details:

Women's Shoes Source Factory Cowhide French Retro Soft Sole

Brand Features

Presented to you is the work of artisanal craftsmanship originating from a professional women’s footwear source factory – EVERGREEN series of cowhide French vintage soft-soled Birkenstocks. This shoe is a perfect blend of fashionable trend elements and traditional craftsmanship, designed for modern women who pursue comfort and unique style.

Core Features

1. Cushioning Performance: Adopting advanced cushioning technology, it allows you to enjoy a gentle cushioning like walking on clouds when walking, effectively relieving foot fatigue.
2. FASHION TREND: The upper is made of high-quality cow suede material, creating a unique French retro flavor, following the pace of international fashion, and meeting the needs of your daily collocation.
3. EVERGREEN CONCEPT: Taking durability as the core, combining environmentally friendly materials and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that the shoes are durable and never out of fashion.
4. MULTIPLE FUNCTIONALITY: The inner lining has efficient anti-odor function to keep your feet fresh; the lightweight design allows for long time wearing without burden; the breathable material keeps your feet dry at all times; and the sole adopts a professional anti-slip design, which provides excellent grip and is safe and reliable under various ground conditions.
5. Innovative technology: specially equipped with intelligent LED lighting system, the sole with light design, not only adds fun at night, but also improves the safety of walking in dim environment.
6. Wear-resistant and durable: The sole is made of wear-resistant rubber material, which can easily cope with both outdoor hiking and indoor leisure, and ensure a long service life.

Women's Shoes Source Factory Cowhide French Retro Soft Sole

Applicable occasions

This women’s flat shoes are not only suitable for daily commuting, shopping and other urban life scenarios, as a Mueller shoes style, it is also the ideal choice for fashionistas to show their individuality and taste; and its outdoor slipper attributes make it perfect for weekend getaways, garden walks or camping activities. Whether it is the need for women’s non-slip flats or the desire to have an elegant and comfortable Mueller flat experience, this Boken shoe is the ideal shoe to meet the needs of different occasions on all fronts.


It’s not just a pair of shoes, it’s a commitment to quality living and the pursuit of personalized aesthetics. Our women’s Birkenstocks offer superior comfort, impeccable craftsmanship, and up-to-date functionality to help you take every step with confidence in a distinctive urban style.