White Deerskin English Uniform Leather Shoes Butterfly Buckle

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Product Details:

White deerskin British uniform leather shoes butterfly buckle — play college sweet elegance and comfort at the same time women’s footwear

Product Core Highlight:

This white deerskin British uniform leather shoes we have devoted ourselves to is favored by women for its unique butterfly buckle design, princess style and multiple practical functions. It is not only suitable for a variety of occasions such as school, daily trips, party activities, etc., but also with its non-slip, height-enhancing, breathable, comfortable, fashionable and casual features, we have achieved a Mary Jane high heel shoes with both beauty and practicality.

Design concept and features:

Princess style white deerskin shoes: the selection of high-quality white deerskin material, delicate and soft and pure color, presenting an elegant and innocent princess style, while adding a few noble temperament.

British uniform style: classic British uniform style, with exquisite butterfly buckle decoration, skillfully fused with retro and modern elements, so that the shoes show the solemnity of the academy and the beauty of intellectual.

Anti-slip wear-resistant sole: The well-designed anti-slip sole enhances the durability of the shoes while ensuring walking safety, whether on smooth floors or wet surfaces, it ensures steady walking.

INVISIBLE HEIGHT INCREASE DESIGN: Built-in moderate height increase, which can not only modify the leg line and enhance the overall proportion, but also ensure that the pressure on the feet is evenly distributed during the wearing process, to achieve the double effect of aesthetics and comfort.

Breathable lining material: the use of breathable lining material, can quickly sweat and moisture absorption, to keep your feet dry, even if you wear for a long time will not feel hot and uncomfortable.

Casual fashion with: simple and uncomplicated modeling design, so that this leather shoes are suitable for school uniforms to show fresh college style, but also with the daily casual attire seamlessly, easy to deal with a variety of social occasions.

Mary Jane High Heels: Inheriting the classic elements of Mary Jane shoes, the elegant chunky heel design brings a stable walking experience, adds a feminine flavor, and also meets the modern women’s pursuit of comfort and aesthetics.

Applicable occasions and people:

School scene: school students can use these shoes to create a gentle and elegant image, not only in line with the campus dress code, but also highlight personal taste.

Daily life: Whether you are shopping or meeting with friends, these shoes can be a fashionable tool for you to match as you like.

Walking: the design of both comfort and aesthetics makes this shoe ideal for long-distance walking, even for all kinds of outdoor activities.

In summary, this white deerskin British uniform leather shoes butterfly buckle, with its unparalleled princess style, thoughtful functional characteristics, as well as a wide range of applications, will undoubtedly become the preferred choice of every woman who pursues elegant quality of life and comfortable wearing experience. Put it on, embark on your own princess road, confident interpretation of every wonderful moment of life.


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