Wholesale Customized Ladies PVC Buckle Strap Sandals

Product Description:

We are proud to present you this newly designed series of women’s PVC buckle strap sandals and slippers made of PVC, which are specially crafted to meet OEM customization and wholesale demand. This series of products stand out from the crowd of summer shoes with its unique design concept, excellent comfort and outstanding durability.

Product Features:

wholesales buckle strap ladies shoes

Fine brushed leather texture

The advanced PVC brushed leather upper provides a delicate and wear-resistant texture, which is not only soft to the skin, but also adds an understated fashionable flavor, ensuring that you can keep your feet fresh and elegant in the hot summer.

Internal and external supportive soles

Embedded with an ergonomic shoe bed structure, the pressure points are scientifically distributed to provide all-around arch support and effectively relieve walking fatigue; while the external high-density PVC wear-resistant soles are equipped to provide strong durability and pressure resistance.

High-density wear-resistant sole

The sole is made of high-strength PVC material molded in one piece, with a high-density structure that can resist all kinds of wear and tear, whether it is walking on the beach or daily wear at home, it can withstand the test of time and the environment.

wholesales buckle strap ladies shoes

Anti-slip and height-enhancing function

The specially designed non-slip pattern ensures safe walking on slippery surfaces, while the cleverly integrated height-enhancing design increases stability and quietly enhances the overall posture, allowing you to easily manage various occasions.

Unique deodorizing technology

This sandal/slipper is equipped with advanced deodorizing technology, which effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and eliminates odors, maintaining a fresh and pleasant foot environment even after long periods of wear.

Applicable occasions:

For beach vacations, the lightweight and easy to wear design makes it the perfect partner for beach walks.
When outdoor activities, as outdoor slippers, whether grass, camping or light hiking, can provide a comfortable experience.
At home, the soft soles make them ideal as house slippers to take the edge off and enjoy a relaxing time.
A wide range of styles including sandals, slippers and flip-flops are available to meet the needs of different styles, suitable for both men and women.


With its fashionable appearance, humanized design details and the ultimate pursuit of comfort, this high-quality PVC buckle strap women’s shoes sandals and slippers series has successfully shaped a must-have summer item that combines beauty and practicality. Whether for personal wear or commercial wholesale, they are ideal for your quality of life, helping you to easily cope with a variety of life scenarios and enjoy the summer leisure life.


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